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When you leave your car chilling in a store parking lot, while you run in for the essentials, does it stand out from all the rest, and not in a good way? Is there so much dust, dirt, or debris on your vehicle’s exterior that any passerby would have no idea what color it’s supposed to be? Maybe it’s been so long since it’s been washed that YOU even forget what color it should be. That’s when you call us! Our expert team of Vancouver auto detailers is here to tackle the dirt and debris and find your vehicle’s true colors for you! 

Our Vancouver auto detailing specialists will start your vehicle off with a full scrub down, from top to bottom, and hand dry all painted surfaces with a clean microfiber cloth. This special part of the exterior portions of any of our service packages is designed to protect your paint job from any scratches that can be caused by rougher drying towels. Just one example of how we show our love for our customers. We know that your car is important to you and that makes it important to us as well. During this detailing package, your vehicle will also enjoy a complete cleansing for all windows and other glass surfaces. No spots or streaks, guaranteed! Before our highly-trained team of auto detail Vancouver WA experts check the box marked “clean” for your vehicle, they have to give some love to your door jams and wheel wells! Both areas receive a full cleaning to remove dirt and residue build-up. On top of the full cleaning, your wheel wells and tires will receive a protective treatment, designed to prevent drying and cracking and, therefore, help to slow the effects of everyday wear and tear on your tires.

Exterior Detail starting at $199.99

When our detailing Vancouver WA specialists are finished with your vehicle’s Exterior Detail package, the results will be better than you could’ve ever expected! Our team is dedicated to you and your vehicle, and all our service packages were created with you in mind! Every detail we complete is customer satisfaction guaranteed. 

Now for the best part! Our detailing services are designed with you in mind! We understand that sometimes life gets crazy and you just don’t have an extra minute in your busy day to get your vehicle cleaned, whether professionally or by hand in your driveway. That’s why we bring our services to you, wherever you are! When you need us, call us! Wherever you need our services, we can be there. Unless you’re in Canada because that is a little way out of our range of operations. If you’re at home trying to get the rest of your to-do list out of the way, or at work without a minute to spare in the day, call us! Let us bring our services to you and show you what quality vehicle detailing really looks like! Our team of professional mobile car detailers is here for you and all your vehicle’s exterior detailing needs.

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